Presentation Titles

Dave Daubenmire: "Somethings Happening Here"


LA Marzulli: "Days of Chaos-The Birth-Pangs..What Jesus Warned us of is Happening Now"


Paul McGuire: "THE GREATEST BATTLE for the Hearts & Minds of Mankind in the History of the World"


Sharon Gilbert: "The Pale Rider & the Black Swan...Deciphering the Coronavirus Scenario"


Derek Gilbert: "Remember the Titans: The Long War Against the Gods of Antiquity"


Jamie Walden: "Rise up Warrior! A Command, Not a Suggestion"


Michael Lake: "Locked, Loaded & Ready for Warfare in the Matrix"


Josh Tolley: "The Lie of Money"


Kevin Shipp: "CIA Officer Exposes the Shadow Government"


Dr. Mike Olson: "Understanding Quantum Healing"


Pastor Paul Begley: "Help is on the Way, Revelation 19"

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