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Gill Broussard is a science-based researcher, amateur astronomer, and theologian. Who has found new evidence based on Asian historical records (Chinese, Korean & Japanese) of a planet- size comet. This provides the data points he has plugged into NASA-type astronomy software that utilizes Kepler's laws of planetary motion. The equations show that the data is from a real object approximately 2-7 times the size of the Earth on an elliptical path averaging a yearly orbit closer to 360 years rather than the typical stated 3,600 years of Planet-X.

Mr. Broussard has been able to link biblical eyewitness accounts and other historical records to the passing of this object through our solar system. Evidence suggests that in most cases, the passage of this object through our solar system has less than catastrophic impacts relative to Noah's flood incident. With records of geological data supporting increased earthquake events and volcanic activity, related methane releases with birds, fish, and insects death being notably affected. Additionally, a period of extreme weather events will affect food production, as identified in past events. The most noticeable will be the 3 1/2 years before Planet-7X arrives and the 3 1/2 years after Planet-7X departs.

Planet 7X's calculated projected path not only supports publications of its general location when having been found. But projects a mathematically/science based timeline that matches biblical prophecy. And records to such a significant degree of accuracy that it is considered solid revealing modeled data facts, as prophesied. It is prophesied that the truth will be known in these days, after more than 29-years of a massive effort to keep silent not only the timeline of its coming but any attempt to undermine energy-tax based profits that have been a source of economically fueling the construction of underground facilities and other preparations.