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Field Notes first began with me, Joanie Stahl.  After 44 years of living through all phases of Christian life from youth through all ages until now, the Lord Jesus Christ began to stir within me to start my own ministry. I knew He wanted me to begin praying about teaching, something I had done here and there throughout my life.

I have spent the first 40 years in private intercession and warfare, the gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit long exercised. I am still learning! However, after a year was over, the time came that the Lord directed me to have my own educational YouTube Channel which I started in the early Fall of 2018.  I remember the day that the Lord moved in me to do it, and though I was really nervous, I was really full of joy.  He taught me that His workers must have joy and love in the dispensing of the Gospel and interaction. I realized then that that was the power behind each lesson.

I started off with 15-minute videos and each one was never really rehearsed. I am not that kind of teacher, though I plan a little bit through much prayer.  What and Who I depend upon is the Holy Spirit for the leading, and it has always been very simple and easy for me.  Basically, I am opening up my treasure chest, and private notes, and secrets learned in warfare, and intercession to share them with everyone now.  I never go beyond what I have not first experienced myself or know. Otherwise it will never be real!

I am a mother of two sons, Derek and Luke, who are all grown up now. I am married to a very beautiful. loving man Jonathan whom I will share about with you now.

Jonathan grew up his entire life as a Christian, and according to him, he was speaking in tongues at the age of 3!  He had loving parents, and his father Roy Stahl, an amazing special Christian man taught Jonathan all through his life.  He was completely influential in every growth phase of his life.  He has since gone home to be with the Lord, and we will be featuring his articles and poems on this site which are just awesome!

Jonathan was always involved in youth group activities and loved going to Camp Cedar Crest up in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California.  He wound up loving it so much he went on to be one of the counselors for many years. He is musically talented and has been part of a worship team and choirs.  He has an excellent grasp and knowledge of the word, and in my opinion, has such a powerful gift of wisdom and compassion. 

Jonathan is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and knows how to move with Him. He has a huge heart of love for Jesus Christ and His interests. He has one son named Austin who is all grown up now. Very recently the Lord put it upon my heart to ask Jonathan to join me in doing one video and since then, he and I love teaching and expounding the word together. Sharing from our hearts the wonderful love of Jesus Christ, His Finished work on the Cross and all the wonderful things that He has taught us!