Where good and evil collide you can find Lisa Haven and Justus Knight exposing the TRUTH on what is simply NOT ALLOWED, any longer, to be discussed! They are investigative journalists and broadcasters. The are Christians and Patriots. They are married with 4 beautiful children. They are warriors for truth against the enemies of freedom and liberty. They work day and night to assure that in a world full of lies, there is still a bastion of truth; a ray of hope in the darkness of deceit. Their work has been met with an onslaught of censorship, suppression and ongoing attacks due to the powerful and exposing reports they provide. Due to their unwavering belief God and their continual pursuit of FACT based journalism; they have become Globalist Enemy #1, and they’re perfectly fine with that distinction!


Lisa is an award winning journalist and one of the most powerful female broadcasters in the United States today and with over half a million viewers she has proven to be second to none. She has spoke in front of thousands to educate and inform. Justus came up much differently, as an Executive for multiple businesses he found there was something missing from his daily life. Shortly after they got married, Lisa exposed Justus to journalism and soon enough he joined the ‘family business’ and they haven’t turned back since! Through their efforts on a multitude of video platforms such as YouTube, Rumble, BitChute they tough the lives of millions and led people daily back to the light of reality and God’s message. They have appeared or had their videos on David Knight, Info Wars, Doug Haggman, LA Marzulli, Steve Quayle, Paul Begley and so many others.


That was then and this now; after YouTube attacked Lisa’s platform the two decided to create Restricted; to speak about the topics that were deemed either too adversarial, too destructive or too dangerous to the Globalist narrative. Now thousands watch them daily for the news unfiltered and uncensored in the format everyone deserves. They can be found on, YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute broadcasting daily and spreading truth on every social media platform that hasn’t shut them down yet.


They are aggregators & interpreters of today’s most important headlines. They take an overabundance of mainstream media and Government misinformation and disinformation and wrap it in cold hard facts! So many now rely on this formula for success to help digest the overload of information into a more manageable and understandable format! When you tune into this powerful couple, be prepared to be awakened and informed on what you need to know to stand against the harbingers of lies and to stand proudly for one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!