Lucinda, CCA (aka, The Seed Lady) has had a life-long love affair with gardening and seeds. Her interest began as a teenager in Michigan, where she grew produce in her backyard to sell to her neighbors. By the time she met her business partner (Kurt Nauck) Lucinda’s private collection of vegetable, fruit and herb seeds had reached 800 varieties. It has since expanded to approximately 1,000! A Certified Crop Advisor, the seed lady is happiest when she is tending her garden, or better yet, when she is teaching others how to do the same.

Lucinda and Kurt founded Texas Ready in 2012. Their products are designed for those wishing to eat more nutritiously, save money on their food bill or pursue a life of self-sustainability. Customers include homesteaders, preppers, community gardens, schools, and survivalists. Assembled by hand in Spring, Texas, their Liberty Seed Banks are regionally configured and widely recognized as the finest seed kits available.

In addition to raising her own food, Lucinda travels throughout the country giving seminars on food production, preservation, and storage.

*The seeds sold in stores are generally hybrids, which means that you can’t plant a seed harvested from this year’s crop and expect it to grow into a plant that will yield an identical harvest next year. The new seeds will either be sterile or will revert back to a parent variety, unlike the crop you grew in the first year. On the other hand, heirloom seeds are stable and reproduce “true to type;” those seed lines that have been established for generations are also known as open-pollinated or heritage varieties.