What a few Speakers & Attendees Say about the Conference

My fiancée and I were both tremendously blessed by attending the Hear The Watchmen conference in Dallas. The Holy Spirit moved mightily and the speakers brought powerful messages of the whole counsel of God. As Millennials we were thrilled to be able to connect with other like-minded remnant believers as well as worship and learn in spirit and in truth. All glory to Jesus!


God bless,


Steven M. 

New York, NY.

Thanks for all you guys did to make the conference possible. We enjoyed ourselves and it was one for the books.


We would like to attend the next conference. Please keep us posted.


God bless you!


Gloria T

Loved the Live Streaming of the conference despite your problems. The evil forces did not win! You have nothing to apologize for, thank you so very much for your dedicated efforts on all of our behalves.


Please include me in your planning and strategic work with the Community Watchman Program. I reside in north central Indiana, in the "Michiana" region, in Elkhart, Indiana. We are about an hour and a half due East of Chicago, in the next county over from South Bend, Indiana, two and a half hours north of Indianapolis, IN, and about the same distance from Lansing, MI. Elkhart is strategically located on the East-West corridor 80/90 Indiana Toll.


I have been preaching since the age of 16, nearly 50 years now. Our church is located in Goshen, Indiana, where we are immersing ourselves in the study and preaching of the Last Days. The quest for souls and the care of the Body of Christ are our only emphases. I would like to lead in this area of the country in encouragement of other pastors and churches to become Watchmen and beacons of hope in these final days. I currently have a very open schedule which will allow me to devote maximum time toward the Community Watchman Program.


I have some ideas gleaned from networking efforts in the past that may be useful in getting and focusing people, pastors, and churches on the common goals. Please keep me apprised of all further developments.


In His Service,


Pastor Don Simmons

Maple City Baptist Church

"As I was in the middle of my presentation on Saturday afternoon I was hit with the urge to weep.  From my perspective on the stage I was able to look into the eyes of individuals who had been injured by "churchianity" and I was  overwhelmed by all of the potential in the room...especially in the men...and how they had not been trained, equipped, and mobilized to more actively live out their faith.


America is in the condition it is in because of the condition of the church.  As goes the church...so goes the nation.  As goes the pulpit, so goes the church.  As goes the men...so goes the pulpit.  Our nation is crying for a return to Biblical manhood.


It was an honor to be part of such an anointed event and I pray that God will raise up men of God who are unashamed of the Gospel.  Only a reformation of the church into a reflection of the King that we claim to serve can rescue this nation for the sake of our grandchildren. It is time for the men of God to answer the call."


Coach Dave

Pass the Salt Ministries

"When His children cry out for bread, God feeds them. When His children are parched and they come before Him with expectation of satiation, God quenches their thirst. I believe the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident at the Hear the Watchmen Conference because those in attendance hungered and thirsted for a move of God. They desired something that went beyond the superficial clap-trap, cotton candy, come as you are - leave as you came spiritual equivalent of a sleeping pill church service, and God being ever faithful gave it to them to the point of overflowing.


Having gotten to know some of the other speakers in attendance, I can honestly say most of us were there to be servants to the Body of Christ and to do our part in helping to feed the sheep of His pasture.


Whenever you see repentance, brokenness, weeping and restoration take place, it is a good thing, a noble thing, and even more so, a godly thing. We saw all these and more take place at the Hear the Watchmen Conference, and having cried with, prayed for, and listened to some of those who sought to either cement or reignite their relationship with God, I know this event was both spiritually fruitful and worthwhile.


In a world wherein the success of any endeavor is determined by numbers, percentages, pie charts, and other such things, my only gauge and metric continues to be whether or not God was present. Number of attendees aside, if God wouldn’t have shown up, it would have been a failure and a waste of everyone’s time and effort. Thankfully, I can say with all requisite honesty that God was present. The Spirit of the living God was there, and in my book that is all the success any of us could have hoped or prayed for."


With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.


Hand of Help Ministries

Mike & Jeanie!

I just wanted to take a minute to share with you guys my experience while I attended the HEAR THE WATCHMAN conference in Dallas, Tx.  I wanted to say that I have never forgotten the moment I was baptized at 11 years of age!  It was an incredible moment of pure unadulterated holy bliss when I came up out of that water that day back in 1978.  I remember it like it was yesterday how I felt so spiritually holy at that one moment in time~ holy & pure and sinless.  I knew that I would sin as I went about my life but for that moment it was GREAT.  I will always remember that. It has been approx 38 years since I felt that feeling.  


And then I attended the conference HEAR THE WATCHMEN! 


The day I originally heard about the conference,.  I booked my hotel room and bought a ticket.  I knew it would be holy and spiritual.  I was ready!  I came alone because I wanted to spend the weekend with Jesus and I had a feeling he would be there.... and I was right!!!  I was already a born again believer but this was incredible and powerful!


The entire conference was AMAZING from A-Z. I only knew a few of the speakers but I came with open arms to hear all of them.  Each speaker blew me away!  Once Paul McGuire got up the first day and kicked it off, I thought how is anyone going to top that!  Every speaker was that good and each armed with their on special intellects on an array of discerning subjects that EVERY believer needs to hear!!!  Thank you to all the speakers. Just wow!


Forward to Sunday morning. I had heard of Pastor Langford but didn't know much other than he preached fire and brimstone and TRUTH!  

I really needed to get on the road to head home for my 5 hour trip/drive.  I decided to stay and maybe scoot out midway of Pastor Langford.  The Lord had other plans!  The Holy Spirit was at the entire conference, but He was so engulfed in that room that day and that feeling from 1978 came back all over again....BUT BETTER if you can believe that.  I was not about to leave, NO WAY.  Where on earth would I want to go when I am engulfed and surrounded with the Holy Spirit!!!  The feelings inside me were so intense that I literally thought I was going to throw up, my hands were sweating, my body trimmering and all I could do was cry.  I am not a cryer but I do get emotional on occasion.  The crying was such a release from my spiritual being of just letting go, letting God.  Needless to say, I stayed all the way through the sermon.  Jesus was in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I left and drove home with that feeling and cried all the way home....5 hours.  It was just incredible.  


I kept a journal from the entire weekend on each speaker and I am so thankful to be able to go back and read it again.  I purchased the DVD set because this was a life changing weekend for me that I want to always remember....and share!   I also loved the music played before each speaker (the watchman song) and I recorded it on my phone.  I love to close my eyes and listen to it when I am alone....it brings me back there.


The Holy Spirit showed up in full force and I wanted to let you know that.  

Thank you all for an incredible conference that changed my life.  I am sold out for Jesus



Port Neches, Tx

"Coming to Dallas for this Hear the Watchmen Cry conference ..... I knew it was going to be huge, as I prayed I felt that this would be a powerful work of God to save, heal, deliver, help, counsel and change lives forever. Let us all remember that our Lord Jesus is at work.... unto the very end, so step out in faith and do great things for God and His Mission."


Blessings to All in Jesus.


Russ Dizdar 

Shatter the Darkness

"What I loved about Hear the Watchmen was it gathered together people not only of similar beliefs but people who genuinely want to take action. People are realizing we can not just be readers of the Bible, we have to Live the Bible and Hear the Watchmen provided a platform for that conversation to begin. I was just as encouraged, if not more so, by those in attendance as those speaking from stage. Those who make the commitment to attend are declaring to the world 'I will stand up for what I know is true' and that is exactly what we need more of from the Body. I tip my hat to the organizers, the speakers, and the attendees for a memorable event that is changing the world." 


--Josh Tolley