Hear the Watchmen, a non-denominational Christian Movement, has produced 6 conferences throughout the US since 2016 with the goal of bringing Worship, Restoration, Revival & Power to the Remnant Body of Christ through Education, Prayer, and Fellowship.
The ministry was founded by a husband and wife team, Mike Kerr and Jeannie Moore,  and was inspired by their attendance of a conference in Bozeman MT called "The Whitestone Remnant Conference" in 2014, where their lives were be changed forever.
Odd as it may seem, Mike had no intention of attending the conference.  He planned on going fishing while Jeannie attended all the sessions.  But God had other plans!!!
Through a series of divine appointments Mike and Jeannie both ended up attending every session and were baptized together by Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford.
They could not wait for the next Whitestone Conference but unfortunately a follow- up conference was not to happen.
Mike experienced a very vivid dream and clearly heard a voice say "Gather My People".  The next morning Mike shared his dream with Jeannie who said "that was God talking to us both and calling upon us to begin a Conference for HIM".
Hence, Hear the Watchmen was formed.
The inaugural conference was held in Dallas TX. at the Hilton DFW Lakes Hotel. (The Conference returns to that location each March)  Approximately 1,000 people attended that event and were blessed by the Holy Spirit and enjoyed fellowship with other like minded people like they never had before.  Since then, Hear the Watchmen has been to Knoxville, TN, to Dallas three times, North Las Vegas, Boise, ID, and will be on Long Island, NY in August of 2018.  Approximately 1,000 believers have been Baptized and thousands upon thousands around the world have been blessed by the Conferences by either attending in person, via streaming or by purchasing DVD sets.
Hear the Watchmen continues to bring Worship, Restoration and Revival to as many Christians across America as possible.  The Conference also endeavors to always bring the latest in breaking Prophecy News and breaking Intelligence that affects us all, while at the same time, uniting the Body of Christ.  Friendships are forged at Hear the Watchmen, and those who once felt alone, leave feeling filled with the love of Christ and a family of believers.
We pray you will join us on the journey of Hear the Watchmen.  Be a part of the movement and follow us on YouTube at www.youtube.com/hearthewatchmenjourney.