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About Us

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Hear the Watchmen is a non-denominational Christian movement with the goal of bringing worship, restoration, revival, and power to the remnant body of Christ through education, prayer, and fellowship. We accomplish this mission by connecting the remnant body through regional conferences, weekly live events, and our media platforms.


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Mike Kerr and Jeannie Moore started Hear the Watchmen after attending The Whitestone Remnant Conference in 2014 in Bozeman, Montana. It was at this event that their lives were changed forever and the inspiration for Hear the Watchmen began.

Odd as it may seem, Mike had no intention of attending that conference.  He went to Bozeman with a plan to go out fishing while Jeannie attended the conference sessions. God had other plans for Mike that week. Through a series of divine appointments, Mike joined Jeannie to attend every session, and they were baptized together by Steve Quayle and Pastor David Lankford. They couldn’t wait for the next Whitestone Conference, but unfortunately, a follow-up conference would not happen.

Sometime later, Mike experienced a very vivid dream. In it, he clearly heard a voice say "Gather My people."  The next morning, Mike shared his dream with Jeannie and she confirmed: "that was God talking to us both and calling upon us to begin a conference for Him." Hear the Watchmen was formed out of that mission that was given to them both.

The inaugural conference was held in Dallas, Texas at the Hilton DFW Lakes Hotel. (The Conference has returned there each March.)  Approximately 1,000 people attended that first event, were blessed by the Holy Spirit, and enjoyed fellowship with other like-minded people in a way they never had before.  Since then, Hear the Watchmen has been to Knoxville, Tennessee; Dallas several times; North Las Vegas; Boise, Idaho; Long Island, New York; and other locations.  Approximately 1,000 believers have been baptized and thousands more around the world have been blessed by the conferences in person, via streaming, or through DVD sets.

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Hear the Watchmen continues to bring worship, restoration, and revival to as many Christians across America as possible. We are led to do this work through conferences, live online events, and video content.



We have produced 17 conferences throughout the U.S. since 2016. Our conferences offer:

  • The latest in breaking intelligence

  • Up-to-date prophecy news

  • Deep research into Biblical Topics

  • Inspirational teaching

from a wide range of pastors, researchers, and scholars. They bring to the forefront truths that affect us all in the perilous times we live in. This knowledge leads us to a more intimate relationship with our Savior. It prompts us to take action as the body of Christ to serve the purpose of the Lord’s Kingdom. It unites us in forging friendships, building connections with a family of believers, and filling us with the love of Christ. 



Our weekly online fellowships were birthed out of the restrictions of Covid-19 as venues we had previously done conferences at would no longer allow large numbers of people to gather in person. The weekly live events have continued even as these restrictions have lessened across the nation. They provide a way for watchmen to gather and share when we cannot be together and in spite of the distance between us.


The three live events we do weekly meet the three goals of our mission, to provide worship, restoration, and revival to the remnant. These gatherings are FREE for you to join:

Hear the Watchmen Journey focuses on education, bringing in incredible speakers to share what God is revealing through His word and study. 

Warfare Wednesday is about prayer and deliverance, demonstrating the power believers have in Jesus' sacrifice. 

We are Two offers a night of worship, study, and fellowship to unite the body.


View our Events page to sign up for our weekly FREE live events.



At Hear the Watchmen, our video content through platforms like YouTube and Rumble is a way for the remnant to share the truth they are learning with others who need to find that connection to the body of Christ. We offer recorded versions of conference sessions, live events, and special reports on things like The Future of America, as well as upcoming events and projects. These platforms will, as long as they remain available to us, be used to spread the gospel and fulfill our mission of worship, restoration, and revival.

We pray you will join us on the journey of Hear the Watchmen.  Be a part of the movement and follow us on YouTube or Rumble.

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