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Advanced Spiritual Warfare Training Workshop

Hear the Watchmen presents the Advanced Spiritual Warfare Training Workshop. Take your training to the next level with sessions led by

incredible experts in spiritual warfare, apologetics, and deliverance.

(dedicated to the memory of Russ Dizdar)


A Deep Dive for Believers

Join us for a deep dive into spiritual warfare and go beyond getting just the latest information. You will be trained and equipped as a warrior in the Lord's army for the spiritual battles many in the remnant are already beginning to experience in our culture. Learn from experts in the field of spiritual warfare and gain the tools to do battle for yourself.

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Meet the Speakers

You will receive spiritual warfare training from experts in the areas of apologetics, deliverance, paranormal activity, ancient history, religious cults, and prayer. These speakers are not only here to share their knowledge, but to meet with people one-on-one, fellowship with you, and inspire you to put your skills into action. This entire event has been dedicated to the memory of the late Russ Dizdar, a spiritual warfare teacher and minister and a member of the Hear the Watchmen family.

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